Car and Van Airconditioning in Marlborough

Axford Garage Services in Marlborough, Wiltshire is able to carry out a range of Airconditioning services and repairs on vehicles compatible with R134a gas, on site here at Smiths Coal Yard, Axford.

  • Refrigerant recycling

  • Automatic refrigerant recovery and injection

  • Automatic weighting, recovery and injection

  • UV dye injection - for tracing leaks in the AC system

  • Vacuum leak detection

Fully qualified in refrigerant handling of HFC-134a gas. 

It is important to regularly service your Airconditioning System and use it all year round, even in winter! 

During an Airconditioning service, the system injects oil into the system which keeps the liquids flowing and the Airconditioning components lubricated. By frequently using the Airconditioning all year round, you are preventing expensive and unexpected repairs to the Airconditioning System.

Using warm air from the Airconditioning System in the winter, is a great way to demist your windows, the air is dry and acts like a dehumidifier.

Does your Airconditioning smell? If not regularly used, bacteria and mould can build up in the system and smell. By changing your cabin filter and using your Airconditioning frequently can prevent this from happening. 

With each Airconditioning re-gas we us an 'Aircon Bomb', which cleans, disinfects and protects, Contact Us.

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